Ana Navarro Battles Trump Surrogate Over WH Chaos: You Don’t See Staff Turnover Like This at McDonald’s


That alarmist caption provided the frame for a discussion, a few minutes later, between Steve Cortes — a former campaign operative for President Donald Trump — and frequent Trump critic Ana Navarro.

“This idea that there’s chaos, it’s not commensurate with the reality that I see in the White House,” Cortes said. “But more importantly, it’s not consistent with the reality in the country. I think in New York newsrooms, there’s a lot of, almost titillation, with the comings and goings of the White House. But I think in America, people are a lot more focused on their pocketbooks, their security, their prosperity.”

“I’ve never seen talent bleed out of a White House, out of a statehouse, the way we’ve had here,” Cuomo said.

“I have never seen it bleed out of McDonald’s the way it bleeds out of this White House,” Navarro added. “The turnover is crazy.”


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