ABC’s Jon Karl Defends Media Coverage of Mueller Probe: ‘How Could Reporters Not Cover That?’


Since Mueller’s conclusion gives ammo to Trump defenders accusing the media of overhyping the Russia probe, Meghan McCain asked Karl “what role does the media have in playing and overselling this?”

Karl acknowledged “some significant mistakes” that certain media figures made throughout the probe, but he also defended the coverage because of the significance of what the investigation meant for the country.

“This is the most significant investigation of a president since Watergate. The allegations couldn’t have been more high-stakes, the idea of a foreign power potentially colluding with a presidential candidate. Now, it turned out that was not the case, but there were significant steps along the way. There was a major criminal investigation here. How could reporters not cover that and cover it aggressively and consistently?”

When McCain argued that people like Adam Schiff (D-CA) shouldn’t be put on TV because of his statements throughout the Russia probe, Karl countered that Schiff was talking about significant elements of the investigation that are subject to many unanswered questions.

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