Ana Navarro knocks Rudy Giuliani’s fat joke about Hillary Clinton: Trump ‘hasn’t eaten something green in 60 years’


“Hillary was also there,” Giuliani said, according to an Axios report. “And she actually fit through the door.”It earned him the “most foul look” from his wife, Judith Giuliani.“I’m just glad I didn’t say it,” Trump replied.

“I feel like I’m a Debbie Downer on this show,” she confessed. “I really tried to watch because I promised you I would try to watch. I think that the show is — I just want to know do you care about Trump supporters watching? Because if you’re like ‘screw Trump supporters they don’t need to watch awards shows,’ then great. But the Mike Pence stuff the Fox News joke, maybe I’m extra sensitive — because we’ve had conversations that I’m the token millennial because I’m extra sensitive about this. But it all feels so political all the time.

 “Over the weekend, at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for Trump donors, Giuliani made a fat joke about Hillary,” Navarro began. “Mind you, he’s raising funds for Trump, who hasn’t eaten something green that’s not an M&M in 60 years.”

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