Andrea Mitchell Predicts Bolton Will Return to Cable News to Dish on Trump: ‘Not Leaving Quietly at All’


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell noted how the drama of John Bolton’s White House departure was predictable, given his extensive contacts that came from his time as a contributor on Fox News.

Mitchell joined Morning Joe on Wednesday to talk about how Donald Trump claims to have fired Bolton, and yet, the former White House National Security Adviser is disputing the president over the circumstances of his resignation. In her analysis of the discord, Mitchell argued that “when you hire a Fox News commentator who auditioned for the job on Fox News, you’re going to get somebody who goes back on the air or who talks.”

“He was tweeting his objections. He was texting reporters including our own reporters at the White House immediately. I was on the air when this all happened. It happened one minute before we started our show, so we blew everything out and just went wall to wall for the hour, and people were texting in and showing me their texts from John Bolton as we were rocking back and forth. The fact is he is going to be very outspoken. He is not leaving quietly at all.”

Mitchell concluded that Bolton will end up being more “outspoken” than any former member of Trump’s national security team, even more so than James Mattis and his recent commentary.

Watch above, via MSNBC.



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