Bill Kristol blows up on CNN conservative for defending Trump claim that Democrats are anti-Jewish


“Is there any motive here?” CNN host Brianna Keilar asked.

“Trump, unfortunately has taken what would be a reasonable thing for a US Government to do after deliberation in consultation with allies and made it look like a cheap political gimmick to help his friend who has an election coming up,” Conservative contributor Bill Kristol said.

Columnist Mehdi Raza called it “madness.”

“I think it’s madness,” Raza  said. “I think it’s another reminder that it is a Trump phenomenon cult movement. It is amazing to see long-standing politicians saying this kind of stuff. For an American politician to talk about the president being sent by God is absurd.”

Conservative contributor, Amanda Carpenter, tried to call out Democratic presidential candidates for not attending AIPAC,  and Kristol  interrupted her and said that Trump labeling the entire Democratic Party as anti-Jewish is truly unbelievable.

“What you can’t debate is Trump saying the Democratic Party is anti-Jewish.That is an unbelievable thing for the president to say,” he said. “It’s way beyond any normal standard. We need to denounce it.”

“We are going to a terrible place in our politics,” he concluded.

Watch below via CNN:

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