Bret Baier: ‘Far Fetched’ to Say Barr’s Letter is Biased With ‘Champion of the Left’ Rod Rosenstein Consulting


Appearing on Fox & FriendsMonday, the Special Report anchor labeled Rosenstein — a President Donald Trump appointee — a progressive champion.

“The whole meme on social media and elsewhere that this is the Attorney General’s letter, and you can’t trust this because this is a politically appointed person, is a little far-fetched,” Baier said. “In that he wrote the four-page letter alongside the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who has been a champion of the left and a lot of lawmakers on the Democratic side.”

A constant target of the president’s ire, left-wing pundits and Democratic lawmakers sought to protect Rosenstein amid reports that Trump might fire him to interfere with the Mueller probe.

“I think that the attorney general is going to be true to his word,” Baier said. “That he’s going to put out as much as he can without putting out grand jury testimony, for example, implicating somebody who is not named or charged. And also classified materials.”




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