‘You can smell the fear’: Ex-DOJ official warns Trump’s Twitter freakout over McCabe reveals he’s at his most dangerous


Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, former Justice Department spokesperson Matt Miller said Trump has become untethered from advice from his aides and is attacking his perceived enemies out of fear.

“We already know from the testimony that we’ve already heard from Andrew McCabe that, in his interactions with Donald Trump, he was asked who he voted for which seems completely inappropriate,” Reid began. “He was chided about his wife and subjected to putdowns about her having lost the race she ran in Virginia. We now have, in addition to that, Donald Trump in his morning tweet storm, tweeting ‘Why does Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, big crooked Hillary supporters and zero Republicans.’ Another added, ‘there is no collusion.’”

“Donald Trump apparently thinks only Republicans are allowed to work in government unless they’re Andrew McCabe and they’re married to a Democrat,” she added.

“You can smell the fear coming through in the president’s tweets this morning,” Miller agreed. “He seems to be very nervous all of a sudden about this probe.”










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