Checkmated Republicans are in a box’ now that Mueller has submitted his report: Nicolle Wallace


“Nicole, do you think that Democrats can sit and say the Mueller report didn’t have what we wanted, but wait until SDNY or wait to Congress or do you think do you think there’s a point they have to be careful here politically?” Chuck Todd asked.

“I don’t think Democrats are in the box. I think Republicans have been checkmated,” Wallace replied.

Prior to her career in journalism, Wallace served as communications director in the George W. Bush White House

“I think Republicans are going to have to look at a report from Mueller which is very likely to detail conduct they screamed at the top of their lungs when it was Bill Clinton that it was obstruction of justice,” she explained.

“They’re older than dirt so they were all there with more hair,” she added.

“I think Republicans are the ones in a box today. Republicans will have to decide in the coming days and weeks if they give a you-know-what about corruption,” Wallace concluded.


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