CNN Gets Savaged for Kellyanne Conway ‘Puff Piece’: Like Celebrating Goebbels as ‘Badass of Berlin’


On Wednesday night, CNN tweeted out the 8-minute video package with the message “Kellyanne Conway’s humble New Jersey roots laid the foundation for a long career in a male-dominated world of politics. Now, she’s the one consistent figure in the otherwise revolving door of the Trump White House. #BadassWomenDC”

The interview and slick video package paint Conway — who once jokingly threatened to perform an abortion on a feminist “with a gun” — as a pioneer for women, and while Conway’s relationship to “alternative facts” is briefly mentioned in the fluffy background, Bash doesn’t challenge Conway during the interview.

As of this writing, that tweet has achieved a deadly ratio of almost ten-to-one replies to “likes,” and the comments have not been kind to CNN.

Perhaps the harshest reaction came from former Hillary Clinton senior staffer Philippe Reines, who likened the piece to a celebration of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels:




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