CNN guest laughs in Rick Santorum’s face for defending embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt


During the discussion of Pruitt’s numerous ethics controversies, Santorum said that Pruitt needed to fly first class instead of coach because he needed to avoid angry environmentalists who had purportedly been heckling him.

“Scott Pruitt has been under enormous threats, more than any other person in the administration other than the president himself,” he said. “Death threats. There are security concerns. He says he was harassed a lot when he was flying in coach.”

“He rented a condo from the wife of a D.C. lobbyist — that alone might raise eyebrows,” she said. “He has it under market at $50 a night. He’s given raises to two people he knows for a long time, they call them friends. And they are substantial raises. He spent tens of thousands on luxury travel, including lots of first class tickets.”




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