CNN host slams conservatives on 9/11 for trying to make America forget about deadly right-wing terrorists


During a “Reality Check” segment on CNN’s “New Day,” fact-checker John Avlon used the anniversary of the 9/11 attack to note that more Americans have been killed by domestic terrorists in the years since that day 18 years ago.

According to the CNN regular, “For many Americans, there is an absence of memory about 9/11. But for others it persists because of the memory of absence. Even this year we’ve seen first responders have to fight for health benefits they were promised by politicians who swore they would never forget, aided by a comedian who was just trying to give back a fraction of what they sacrificed for us.”

Noting, “We’ve seen a president from New York float the truly awful idea of hosting terrorists at Camp David,” Avlon documented the rash of domestic terrorist attacks in the United States since 9/11, before making the case that not enough is being done about homegrown attacks.

“In the past year we’ve also been forced to confront a growing threat of from another form of violent extremism: white nationalist terrorism,” he lectured. “We’ve seen the deadliest attack targeting U.S. Latinos in a Walmart in El Paso. We’ve seen an attack on a synagogue near San Diego, which followed the Tree of Life attack in Pittsburgh — the largest massacre of Jewish Americans in our history… And that’s not including the would-be attacks we’ve seen thwarted by law enforcement like the arrest of an Ohio man who threatened a Jewish community center.”

“Here’s a startling statistic,” he continued. ” Since 9/11, right-wing
terrorists have killed more people in the united states than jihadist terrorists. There are some folks for their own political purposes would like to keep the focus only on one form of violence than others. That would be unwise, because we don’t have the luxury of choosing which threats we face.”

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