CNN panel marvels that ‘even Trump defenders’ assume the president is guilty of some sort of crime


In particular, panelist Ryan Lizza was amazed that an attorney advising Trump went on the record with the Wall Street Journal to admit that he told the president that attorney Michael Cohen was likely to flip on him if he found himself charged with a crime.

“I think the one thing about this Cohen conversation is so many Trump supporters, anonymously and on the record in the last 48 hours, have been arguing, ‘Oh, he could flip on the president,” Lizza said.

“And implicit in that is there’s something to flip on him! Why is it that so many Trump people are worried about this? The understanding seems to be that there’s some ‘there’ there that Cohen knows.”

“If the president hasn’t done anything wrong, why should he worry, is that what you’re saying?” host Wolf Blitzer asked him.

“Exactly,” he said. “And I just think it’s amazing that the assumption, even by many Trump defenders, is that there’s something to flip on the president for.”

“I mean, you’ve got tape recordings, possibly,” speculated panelist April Ryan. “And that could be incriminating evidence. And [Cohen] is under criminal investigation — there is ‘there’ there!”




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