CNN panel pummels Scaramucci after he says paying off adult star is ‘presidential’: ‘That’s not how it works’


CNN host Jim Acosta noted during a panel discussion on the State of the Union program, that Trump stated recently that he did not have to act “presidential.”

“What kind of example does that set?” the CNN host wondered, referring to the impact on nation’s children.

“This is the mistake that everybody’s making about him,” Scaramucci opined. “He’s obviously very presidential.”

I actually can,” Scaramucci remarked.

“Paying off a porn star is presidential?” Sellers replied.

Scaramucci insisted that Trump “didn’t pay off a porn star.”

“His lawyer did,” Carpenter noted.

“It was paid by [Trump lawyer] Michael Cohen with Michael Cohen’s money,” Scaramucci argued.

“That’s not presidential though,” Sellers said.

“The guy is presidential because he is the president,” Scaramucci quipped









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