CNN’s Berman Grills GOP Rep. on Trump’s Attacks on McCain: ‘What Does That Have to Do With His Funeral?’


Berman asked what went through his mind as Trump made his comments.

“Well, I think what’s come to light in most recent days is, of course, the use of the discredited dossier and it is being placed in McCain’s hands by Democratic Party operatives by Christopher Steele, who is being paid by Hillary Clinton,” Turner began.

“Congressman. I’m sorry. What does that have to do with John McCain’s funeral, Congressman,” Berman interjected.

“I’m not talking about his funeral. I’m saying over the recent days the attempts to use John McCain to legitimize the discredited dossier for the purposes of initiating an investigation against the president has come to light in testimony that you’re very much aware of that McCain’s associate David Kramer testified that they even — that Christopher Steele said the dossier was being given to McCain for the purposes of legitimizing it,” Turner said.

“Does it justify, Congressman, the president of the United States at a White House-funded event in Ohio, in your home state talking about the funeral of a human being, let alone a war hero like John McCain who passed away in August,” Berman later asked.

“Well I can tell you the people in the room were incredibly surprised and I was personally saddened that the information the president was there to celebrate, a tank plant, an accomplishment where this tank plant which was slated to be closed and now, as a result of the Trump spending, will go up to a thousand people with tanks rolling off the line to help us deter our adversaries and aggressors. That’s saddening,” Turner said, adding he did not get a chance to express his disappointment to Trump about the comments after the event.

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