Dana Loesch Bashes CNN’s Award-Winning Parkland Town Hall for Allowing Officials to Shift Blame: ‘They Ran Defense’



“When you’re putting together a town halls, you want both sides and you were the other side,” Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocysaid.

“Well, you’re right. It wasn’t exactly a town hall either,” Loesch said. “The whole thing was titled Students Demand Action, that’s how it was presented. That is how it was titled by CNN. So, it really wasn’t a town hall. It was not a journalistic enterprise at all. It was a very public, cathartic, kind of shaming. I don’t know exactly what to call it. But it didn’t advance the conversation. And that’s what they say in the award. They say that this town hall advanced the conversation. As you guys saw, there wasn’t really any conversation that was being had there.”

“[Senator] Marco Rubio also took it in the teeth from tens of, 10,000 people who were against him. As you were, getting yelled at. You were sitting next to Sheriff Israel. What did we learn later about sheriff Israel who was sanctimoniously almost campaigning for more time in office?” co-host Brian Kilmeadeasked rhetorically.

“Yeah, well, he was also campaigning before he was brought out on the stage, actually before the cameras began. That’s one of the things network didn’t tell anyone, they brought out Scott Israel and all the politicians. They allowed them to give political speeches, and deflect blame, particularly Scott Israel,” Loesch said. “When we were sitting on the stage as you all saw I asked him why is it that his department ignored numerous calls when,  according to Florida state statute, the digital death threats communicated by that murder, those are felony actions? And he could have been declared ineligible before even purchase a firearm and this could have been avoided but for some reason Scott Israel’s office didn’t ask.

“These were things already known at the time. They just allowed him to skate. They ran defense for him,” she added.

In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, Loesch posted videos of how hostile the audience was to her:

Watch via Fox News.



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