Dem Rep. Hits Networks During CNN Interview for Not Covering Whole Lewandowski Hearing Live


During an appearance on CNN this afternoon, Congressman Steve Cohen complained a bit about the media not covering the full Corey Lewandowskihearing yesterday from start to finish.

The big three cable news networks carried the hearing for much of the day, but by mid-afternoon they largely cut away from showing the whole thing live.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar began the interview by pressing Cohen on why Democrats “wasn’t better prepared” for Lewandowski’s “petulant” approach.

Cohen said they were prepared and defended the questions he and his colleagues posed to the former Trump campaign manager, saying, “He was shown to be a liar.”

One of the most-talked-about exchanges was between Lewandowski and committee counsel Barry Berke, who confronted Lewandowski for lying about his conversation with the president about Jeff Sessions on MSNBC. Lewandowski said in response he has no obligation to be honest with the media.

Keilar asked why it took the committee so long to bring Berke out. Cohen said, “I think that’s traditionally the way the question goes, is that the counsel is the cleanup hitter.”

Keilar asked, “Do you wish that he had come out sooner? Are you going to rethink that for future hearings?”

“He had that on tape and that could have been shared with a member of Congress to ask that question earlier, which maybe it should have been. It wasn’t necessary that he go first,” Cohen said.

He went on to criticize the network coverage, saying, “What’s more necessary is that the news media cover the whole hearing and maybe had been prepared for the 30 minutes of hearing that Barry Berke was going to be involved in.”

“The news media covered this hearing,” Keilar said.

“The news media covered the beginning,” Cohen responded.

“The news media covered quite a bit of this hearing, as you know,” Keilar said. “This was very long, six hours long. Knowing as you do about what you would want to emphasize, and this is the case in anything, don’t you put the good stuff up front? So why wouldn’t you consider a different approach for a witness who’s going to be very definite?”

Cohen again said Berke should’ve been covered by the networks, saying, “It shows the fact that he thought lying to the media was not consequential and he did it all the time because he said the media lies.”

Keilar shot back that the media did cover it and that Lewandowski’s soundbite about lying to the media has “been all over television today.”

Cohen said, “I don’t want to get into it because you’re my friend and I like CNN. But if that’s the case, Barry Burke doesn’t have to be first. Being last and getting repeated on the news for the last 18 hours worked just as effectively.”


You can watch above, via CNN.

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