It doesn’t get swampier’: CNN panel flays Kushner for raking in a half billion in loans after White House meetings


On CNN’s New Day, hosts Chris Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota marveled at reports that White House adviser Jared Kushner finagled over $500 million in loans for his family’s strugglingreal estate business after meeting with financial institution executives in the White House.“It doesn’t get swampier than that,paying for access, that is the definition, right?” she added in reference to President Donald Trump’s pledge to drain the Washington swamp of financial corruption and self-dealing.

“And the context, too, Alisyn,” he began. “The fact that we know, according to Washington Post reporting, four foreign countries said that Kushner, because of his financials setup, is vulnerable.  Let’s remember he paid $1.8 billion for a skyscraper in the best city, New York City, and he continues to try to continue to get out from under it. Again, the idea of bringing in people who you are related to is sketchy in and of itself, and Kushner has made any number of changes to his financial disclosures. This is why he doesn’t have security clearance!”

“Do the math,” CNN regular John Avlon agreed. “We are talking over half a billion dollars in this report. two loans that total over half a billion dollars. After meeting with someone in the White House. This is just exactly why we don’t allow nepotism. This is exactly why four countries thought he was an easy mark. This is why you don’t have a security clearance. But there is something shadier here than a half a billion in loans. Watch out, people, this is what it looks like.”



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