FBN’s Charles Payne Defends Trump’s Amazon Attacks: Washington Post Is a ‘Mean-Spirited Publication’



After the president tweeted about the Postal Service’s deal with AmazonHeather Childers asked Payne what he thought of Trump’s comments. In response, Payne pivoted to criticizing The Washington Postbecause Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns it.

“I know there is a two-pronged thing here,” he said. “President Trump, I think, has a lot of reason to be upset with The Washington Post. It is just a mean-spirited publication, every single day takes unwarranted shots at the president and conservatives.”

“Having said that… Amazon cut a real good deal with the U.S. Postal Service,” he continued. “It sounded like a good deal but fixed their costs at a certain level. Now that has taken off they have to pay workers time and a half, they have to pay for the shipping. So Amazon is getting an amazing deal.”




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