Fox & Friends Ecstatic Over Mueller Report: ‘Trump Did Not Steal the Election!’


Fox & Friends, which has beat the “no collusion” drum in tandem with President Donald Trump since the start of the investigation, was in a celebratory mood Monday morning as they opened a special edition of the show.

“Zero indictments,” Steve Doocy said. (While no Trump campaign members indicted for cooperating with Russia, Mueller’s probe did yield indictments of 34 people and three Russian businesses.) “Despite what you have seen on other channels for two years, Donald Trump did not steal the election!” he continued. “This morning when you pick up the newspapers, you’re not going to believe the headlines,” he continued, showing of the New York Post and Daily News front pages.

“Even the New York Times!” Ainsley Earhardt exclaimed, referring to the headline used by the Times, a news outlet: “Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy.”

“This probably killed whoever had to type this in,” Doocy said.

Brian Kilmeade lamented that Trump was unable to “revel” in his 2016 election victory, given allegations his campaign cooperated with Russian efforts to meddle.




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