Fox & Friends Grills WH Aide on Trump’s Tweet Trashing Maggie Haberman: ‘Why Would He Engage?’


Fox News host Ed Henry grilled White House aide Mercedes Schlapp on why President Donald Trump was spending his Saturday morning tweeting about the investigation into his personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

“So I ask you, as a White House official, why would the president now engage in an ongoing legal matter when Michael Cohen’s office and home have just been raided?” Henry asked. “Why would he engage?”

“Well President Trump is a fighter. And you’re gonna know his opinion. And when it comes to Michael Cohen — he’s known Michael Cohen for a long time.

He doesn’t like that — obviously you’re seeing so much of this expansion going on with these raids and these situations. And so I think for the president, you know, he’s going to talk about what he thinks and his opinion about that.”

“But does it make legal sense to get involved in this case?” Henry pressed.

“Look, I’m not a — I’m not a lawyer, you’re going to have to ask his legal team,” Schlapp said. “Look I think we all have spent time with the president, he’s going to state his opinion on these matters.”



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