Fox host calls on Bernie Sanders to give up wealth or leave US: ‘This country was founded on capitalism’



A Fox News panel agreed wealthy Americans shouldn’t care about income inequality — and if they do, they should either leave the country or give away all their money.

“It’s really amazing — it’s the homelessness, the hopelessness, it’s really absolutely amazing,” Payne marveled. “They keep pushing this narrative that somehow they are going to save the world and America particularly from income inequality.”

They inadvertently also proved that we have an amazing ability to create wealth,” Payne said. “They had a graph that showed the bottom income and how they move up into the system — that’s really amazing. It wasn’t their intent, it actually proved that there is an amazing ladder for anyone in America to climb it.”

Payne blamed liberal governance, not capitalism itself, for rapidly increasing housing costs in parts of California.

“Look in this country and look at the places where people are really — I mean, Los Angeles, people live in campers and tents,” he said. “San Francisco, the average working man in San Francisco cannot afford to feed their family. They have been in control there forever.”



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