Fox Host to Dem Senator: ‘Did Your Party Go Too Far’ on Russia Talk?


Pete Hegseth asked him, “If collusion is not found in a report that is released, would you acknowledge that your party, the Democrats, have overreached in the way they’ve alluded to, suggested, even accused this president of cheating, of colluding with Russia? Did you go––did your party go too far?”

Coons said this in response:

“I tried to be careful in the last two years and make sure that in every reference I made I talked about allegations, I talked about suspicions, and I think it’s important that we not go too far in how we handle as a party investigations into the president going forward. There are unresolved matters, there’s matters that may not have reached the level of a chargeable offense against individuals, but there’s still worthy of oversight and I frankly think one of the things that has made Washington difficult to work in in the eight or nine years I’ve been there is the ways in which both parties have at times sort of beaten a particular point to death.”


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