Fox legal analyst: Ukraine scandal is ‘far more serious’ than what Mueller dug up on Trump


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday told Fox Business host David Asman that President Donald Trump’s now-infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a serious case of corruption that cannot be ignored.

Although Asman tried to make the story about the actions of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Napolitano said that what Trump has done appears far worse than anything the former vice president did.

“This is the most serious charge against the president, far more serious than what Bob Mueller dug or dragged up against him,” Napolitano said. “If there was a quid pro quo — it does appear as though a quarter of a billion dollars in defensive weaponry was held back for a period of time while these… conversations were going on between the presidents.”

Asman again tried to steer the conversation back toward Biden, but Napolitano would not let Trump off the hook.

“If true — we haven’t seen the whistleblower complaint, and under the law it has to be revealed — if true, this is an act of corruption,” he said

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