Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov: Trump’s Potential Use of N-Word is ‘Baked In’


Jessica Tarlov is making the argument that whether Donald Trump is on tape saying the N-word or not, people have already drawn their conclusions about whether the president is racist, and there’s little hope of anyone changing their minds.

Beyond the “sideshow,” however, Tarlov explained how Trump critics believe that his racism is already “baked in,” and nothing will change even

if Manigault Newman can somehow prove the existence of an Apprentice tape where the president said racist things.

“Whether [Omarosa] can be prosecuted or not, that’s a huge violation here,” Tarlov said. “But the use of the N-word or whatever it is, that’s baked in.

Once people heard the Access Hollywood tape, they made their decision about this person, and I don’t think a recording of him using a racial slur post-Charlottesville moves the needle at all come Election Day.”

Jessica Tarlov is maki

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  1. That person in the wh #45 is a disgrace to this country and anyone who can’t see that then you are just like him racists bigots who care about no one or anything but self hell he even threw his own son under the bus wake up stupid people

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