Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: For Almost Two Years There’s Been So Much ‘Overheated’ and ‘Overhyped’ Mueller Coverage


On America’s Newsroom today, Kurtz said that while he never brought into Trump’s “witch hunt” branding, “my problem for two years now has been the overheated and overwrought and overhyped nature of the coverage where every incremental development got hours and hours and hours of cable talk time and stories online and all of that.”

He cautioned that they should be careful not to speculate, but said if there’s “not much more” in the Mueller report, “I think a lot of of people in the media are going to have to justify how they played this as ‘Trump’s presidency could be ended tomorrow’ when, apparently, that may not be happening.”

He also knocked some of the “what else can we find out” reactions from Trump critics.




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