Fox News’ John Roberts calls out Trump for trying to blame the media for his McCain rage


Roberts explained that the President appeared to be mad at John McCain for reportedly spreading the Steele dossier ahead of the election. He noted that Trump seemed to be taking his anger out on him.

“You heard the president said you were not supposed to bring it up, I thought. Maria Bartiromo insists there were no preconditions and didn’t have an agreement to not bring up anything with the president,” Roberts said.

“Now it is true that the president was asked about this. He responded to a question that was asked on Tuesday in the Oval Office when he was there with the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, the president saying he was never a fan of John McCain nor would he likely ever be. But it was the president, Jon, who initially brought it up Saturday afternoon.”

“It’s never a dull moment,” Roberts said about his coverage. “The president glared at me like he’s never glared at me before.”



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