Fox News panel breaks into chaos over Trump’s McCain attacks


On Fox News Friday afternoon, Dagen McDowell and Lisa Boothe sparred over Trump’s continued attacks on McCain.

McDowell pointed out that if someone attacked a loved one who has just passed away, she’d slash their tires. Boothe took a less aggressive approach.

“I know the old discussion about the dossier and his aide that came out last week — I know all of that. So people can tweet that me. But this is coming from somebody whose mother is battling cancer. If somebody in my hometown pulled this nonsense after a loved one died, I would be basically — I would be slashing their tires every night to make sure they couldn’t even get out of the driveway,” she said.

“I think that is understandable, which is why a lot of people sympathize with Meghan McCain given the fact that her father’s death was very recent,” Boothe noted. “So there’s a very real pain in there and this hurts. In fairness to the president, he was asked the question about this fight and he responded. I do think he has, in fairness, and ability to be frustrated at Senator McCain for his role in the dossier.”

“He brought it up on Saturday,” McDowell snapped.

“Dagen, let me finish,” Boothe retorted.

“I want to get more time here. I hear you, I want to get Morgan in here,” McDowell said.

“The response in which he was asked about it. But is he not supposed to answer a question?” Boothe said.

“He brought it up,” McDowell said.


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