Fox News Panelist Defends Trump Blasting Fox Impeachment Poll: ‘Not Wrong for People to Be Skeptical’


Fox News’ Howard Kurtzdeclined to defend his network’s polling on Sunday as Mediabuzzdiscussed how much of the country wants President Donald Trump impeached.

Kurtz used a portion of his show to address Trump’s complaintsabout Fox’s polling last week, after the network found that most voters want the president impeached and removed from office. Kurtz questioned “why was there so much attention to this poll? It wasn’t that out of line with other recent polls.”

Kurtz should absolutely know why it’s interesting that Fox News – Trump’s favorite news outlet whose content he consumes and regurgitates on a daily basis – has tracked an increase in support for the president’s impeachment. To underscore this, Mediabuzz ran a chyron in this segment that said “Media Tout Fox Impeachment Poll But President Rips It as Unfair.”

Gillian Turner defended the poll by dismissing the “insanity” of the insinuation that Fox News’ polling unit is tainted by bias or Democratic politics. Mollie Hemingway countered that it’s “not wrong for people to be skeptical” of polls, saying Fox got it wrong when they polled that Indiana Senator Joe Donnellywould win his race for re-election. Hemingway also argued that polls are “used to push certain story ideas.”

While Fox’s polling was smacked around on the network’s own air, it was also slammed yesterday by the New York Post, another News Corp property which accused Fox News’ pollster of misrepresenting its data. While Trump’s allies have run with the article, critics are thrashing it online by pointing out the flaws in its assertions:

Brendan Nyhan


No proof of a conspiracy but the NY Post article in question ( ) compares partisan numbers that include leaners to Gallup’s partisan distribution w/o leaners. Um, not the same. Also attacks the call center rather than the pollster, bizarrely, per @skoczela. 

The New Jersey outfit behind a Fox News poll that claimed most Americans favor President Trump's impeachment appears to have come to a misleading conclusion, a Post review of the data shows.

Fox News pollster Braun Research misrepresented impeachment poll: analysis

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