Fox News poll on impeachment way worse for president then first revealed: Ex-Trump aide


On Saturday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Weekends,” former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg told anchor Alex Witt why the president should be alarmed about the latest Fox News poll showing rising support for his impeachment — and how it is even worse than it looks.

“First of all, it’s a bipartisan polling firm they use. And when you look deeper into the numbers, they weren’t good for the president,” said Nunberg, an associate of indicted Trump strategist Roger Stone. “You certainly had an uptick of independents wanting the president removed from office — impeached and removed, probably around 15 percent prior to other polling. But you had around 11 percent of Republicans. And normally, I would say to myself, well, it’s probably all women. It wasn’t. It was around 10 percent men and 17 percent of women polled that were self-described Republicans.”

“Deeper into the poll, though, what was distressing for me was they asked the question, do you think the president is — essentially, they phrased it, do you think the president is out for himself, to serve himself, or to serve the country? And he lost that by a discrepancy of 51-42,” continued Nunberg. “Consistently in the Fox News polls, what we’ve seen is Donald Trump against a generic Democrat nationally is losing, 40-50, so you could say it’s similar there.”

“But I will tell you, one important point as we talk about as we are going to head into an impeachment and get into a Senate trial, is the president’s most important number, Alex, from my point of view, is his approval rating in Kentucky,” said Nunberg. “He’s around 25 percent to 30 percent more popular than Mitch McConnell, who is up for re-election.”

“I worked for the president, then Mr. Trump, in 2014 when McConnell was up for re-election then. It was very contentious,” added Nunberg. “He had visited Mr. Trump’s office then multiple times. Mr. Trump gave him a lot of money. He asked for our support on social media, and it is no surprise that the president as you head into a very important governor’s race in Kentucky, is heading there next week along with Vice President Pence. And really, that’s the number to watch because McConnell controls the pursestrings and can tell people like Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, no, no, you’re voting with us on this.”

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