Fox News’ Shep Smith dismantles Trump’s ‘shifting explanation’ on Daniels payment: ‘Space under the bus is at a premium


“Back in Washington, a brand new series of words, presented for our consumption,” Smith said Friday as he wondered whether the Trump team is “trying to confuse everybody” with the contradictions.

“Certainly the undeniable chaos is definitely not chaos at all, they’re clear on that point,” the Fox News host snarked.

Smith explained that “what team Trump said last month, then changed last week, then reimagined again on Tuesday, was revised and extended again this morning—and space under the bus is now at a premium.”

“Mow let this one sink in, just in case this version lasts more than a few hours,” Smith said, “quoting Giuliani: ‘My references to timing were not describing my understanding of the President’s knowledge, but instead, my understanding of these matter.’”

“In other words, when he told [Sean] Hannity a fact he didn’t already know, it wasn’t a fact but feeling of personal understanding and a misunderstanding of the president’s knowledge of timing and understanding,” Smith continued.

“Whether you prefer ranch or balsamic on Giuliani’s words, President Trump denies that his own story has changed at all,” Smith added.


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