Fox’s Dagen McDowell Pummels Trump For His McCain Smears: ‘Petty, Mean, and Appalling’


McDowell made her comments on Outnumbered Friday as part of a recap of Trump’s interview with Maria Bartiromo in which he defended his smears against the late senator. As Mediaite reported earlier,

the White House tried to get Bartiromo not to askabout McCain, but the Fox Business anchor rebuffed the White House’s efforts and grilled the president. Trump proceeded to call Bartiromo “fake news” as he grew visibly irritated with the questions.

“Silence is accepting the unacceptable when it comes from anybody,” McDowell said. “I will sit here and say this attack on Senator McCain…is petty, it’s mean, and it’s appalling.”

McDowell empathized with the McCain family by saying her mother was suffering from cancer and “if somebody in my hometown pulled this nonsense after a loved one died, I would be stabbing their tires every night.”

Lisa Boothe expressed sympathy for Meghan McCain, but then she and McDowell got into an argument after defending Trump’s airing of grievances.

McDowell noted that Trump started volunteering his attacks on McCain several days ago, before anybody asked him to comment on the matter. Boothe countered by bringing up McCain’s connection to Christopher Steele‘s dossier, suggesting McCain was the catalyst for the investigations surrounding the president.

“It’s fair to be frustrated,” Boothe argued, “Is he not supposed to answer the question?”



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