‘A fundamentally deceptive statement’: CNN panel tears apart Trump’s Mueller tweets line by line



In particular, the panel zeroed in on Trump’s declaration that “the Mueller probe should never have been started as there was no collusion or crime,” while also alleging that the whole investigation was based “a fake dossier paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC and improperly used in FISA court for surveillance of my campaign.”

“It’s a fundamentally deceptive statement of how things work,” he said. “His own guy picked a special counsel! Rod Rosenstein — this is the guy hand-picked by Sessions and Trump to lead it.”

Hill also pointed out that ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier wasn’t the reason that the FBI started investigating the campaign — rather, it was the drunken conversation former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos had with an Australian diplomat about Russia having hacked Hillary Clinton emails





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