Gayle King Challenges Bret Baier: Was Shep Smith ‘Taking a Dig’ at Fox News By Calling For ‘Truth’ in Final Statement?


Fox News’ Bret Baier was challenged during an interview with CBS This Morning when asked about the recent departure of Shepard Smith.

Baier was asked for his reaction to Smith’s abrupt leave from the network and how he signed off for the last time by saying “The truth will always matter.” Baier said he was also surprised by Smith’s departure, but said: “it was his call” and that he’ll be filling in for Smith’s slot in the coming weeks.

“When you said ‘the truth will always matter’ that seemed to be taking a dig at your network,” Gayle King said to Smith. “Was it interpreted such inside the building?

“It was his decision. I’m not going to speak for Shep,” Baier replied, to which, King responded, “but that’s not speaking for Shep.”

“I’m just wondering how you interpreted that,” King reiterated. “I know it was his decision, but did you all interpret it as ‘he’s taking a dig at us as he walks out the door?’”

“He’s concerned about journalistic coverage,” Baier answered. “I think he was proud of the news division at Fox. There’s obviously an opinion side too, and he made a choice to leave. I’m happy that the show is going to be all news, and we’ll be in the circle.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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