Give me a damn break’: Ana Navarro shreds Trump supporter’s blatant hypocrisy on Michelle Wolf


When asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota for her take on Wolf’s performance, Navarro gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

“I say to Michelle Wolf, ‘Hallelujah, girl, you should be the one getting the Nobel Peace Prize,’” she said. “She has been able to get Trump supporters to go on TV and defend women from being skewered and offended for their looks.”

“It’s not supposed to be serious when President Trump does it,” she said. “But it’s supposed to be dead serious — let’s all clutch our pearls! — when a comedian does it. Give me a damn break.”

“Sometimes I have disagreed with what the president has said and wished he would have phrased things differently,” he said. “I think it is two completely different things. I think the president speaks very bluntly. He voices his opinion.”

“Hispanics were getting booed at his rally!” she said. “People were going after the media and calling them ‘filth’ and saying ‘Get out of our country!’”

Watch the video below.



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