MSNBC Panel Unloads on Sean Hannity: Pushes ‘Slew of Unrelated Conspiracy Thoughts’


A panel on MSNBC, led by Nicolle Wallace,laid some heavy burns on Fox News anchor Sean Hannity during a segment this evening.

“The Republicans are sticking with the Republican base. Right now the president has about 85 percent approval within the party. Why is it so high? Well, it’s high because Fox News feeds them a bill of goods every night, if you’ve ever watched Hannity,” he said.

“Now, what it is is just a slew of unrelated conspiracy thoughts that don’t connect and if you try to connect them, it’s exhausting and it’s depressing.”

“In the middle of all this news that’s been happening over the last few days, you turn on Hannity and his lead story––the lead of Hannity––is Hillary Clinton and her emails,” he said. “I’m talking this week!”





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