‘Grifters gonna grift’: Scott Pruitt gets annihilated by Stephanie Ruhle’s panel for corruption at the EPA


An MSNBC panel on Tuesday called out EPA Director Scott Pruitt for corruption and defying the White House by giving raises to his favorite aides.

“What we see here is a pattern that you see with other new officials to Washington who have flown a bit too close to the sun, have come from outside of the beltway,

outside of national prominence, and decided that they are entitled to a lifestyle that they see others — especially in the Trump administration with its excessive wealth — living,” Peters explained. “And that appears to be what happened here.”

“These guys… they always shoot the hostage in their negotiations. They’re horrible at it,” he said. “This is the donor class that’s speaking in the stock market [selloff]right now. They do not like this sort of chaos in Washington. And I think the Pruitt thing, it’s just — you know, grifters gonna grift. There’s just another grifter there. What comes next is really the scary part of it.”








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