Jake Tapper Goes Off on Trump’s ‘Credibility Chasm’: ‘Doesn’t Seem to Care About the Truth’


Tapper particularly honed in on the mess created by Rudy Giuliani, comparing what “Friday Giuliani” said in his new statement today about the Stormy Daniels payment to what “Thursday Giuliani” said. And on more than one count, the CNN anchor found the two Giulianis to be at odds.

Tapper also reviewed “similar lies and confusion today over special counsel Mueller,” after the President went after Robert Mueller for serving under Barack Obama (he was made FBI director under George W. Bush).

“That tweet remains up,” Tapper said, “a monument to how much President Trump just doesn’t seem to care about the truth.”

Today Trump himself said there’s “a lot of misinformation” out there and people should “learn before you speak.”




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