Jill Abramson Defends NY Times Kavanaugh Story in Clash With Fox News Anchor: ‘No Evidence It Was Fiction’


Former New York Timesexecutive editor Jill Abramsondefended the paper on Wednesday from the outrage over how they handled the newest sexual misconduct accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.

In an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, Abramson said she would’ve made the same moves that the paper did when they released their editor’s note and walked back their story on Kavanaugh’s alleged actions.

“No one has challenged the basic accuracy of the story that they published, or of what is in the book,” Abramson said. “It’s true that a material fact was left out, and the Times ran editor’s note explaining that, which is what you do when you leave something out. But it was no conspiracy to leave out that fact, it was unfortunately cut from the piece.”

When Faulkner noted how the editor’s note said that Kavanaugh’s supposed victim told others she doesn’t remember being assaulted, Abramson dismissed the idea that the witness, Max Stier, is partisan despite his connections as a Democratic operative. Abramson also called the Times‘ article “important” because it revealed that the FBI conducted a “sham investigation” when they should’ve done more to assess the claims of Deborah Ramirez.

“Wow, you really think that without the evidence from the victims’ own mouth?” Faulkner asked.

“If someone else saw it, yeah,” Abrasion answered.

The conversation continued with Abramson and Faulkner having a back and forth over the Times’ standards for promoting stories on Twitter and the level of scrutiny for stories in their opinion section.

“Are the rules different that you can write fiction in one place but you write fact in the other?” Faulkner asked.

“There is no evidence it was fiction,” Abramson said, arguing that the story isn’t necessarily inaccurate just because of the omission.



Watch above, via Fox News.

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