Joe Scarborough: George Conway is Kellyanne’s ‘Stenographer,’ You Know This is What She Tells Him at Night


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said George Conway could be acting as a conduit for what his wife, Kellyanne Conway, really thinks about President Donald Trump.

Morning Joe discussed the Conways on Tuesday in a conversation that focused on how Kellyanne is trying to distance herself from her husband’s latest tweets, even as he continues to question her boss’ mental condition. When they arrived at Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale calling Mr. Conway “jealous” of his wife’s success, Scarborough started laughing over how often Trumpworld accuses critics of jealousy.

“They always have the same comeback,” Scarborough snarked. “‘They are just jealous. You’re just jealous of Donald Trump Jr.,’ really!? Seriously!?”

Scarborough continued by saying Mr. Conway has character and would never want to work for Trump as a matter of principle. Things took a turn after that when Scarborough suggested Mrs. Conway holds contempt for Trump, which she expressed publicly before joining his team, and now she’s asking her husband to carry them for her.

“You know this is what Kellyanne Conway tells George Conway at night. I know that because this is the way Kellyanne Conway would talk to us when she thought that Donald Trump was going to lose the election. She would go into the green room, she would say it on set. She denied it…then a spate of books came out that said that’s exactly what she did. She’s doing it now. Her husband, he’s basically a stenographer for her.”


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