John Kasich is Livid About Ukraine: If Obama Had Made Calls Like This ‘People Would Be Going Crazy’


Former Ohio Gov. John Kasichgot heated over allegations that President Donald Trump is pressuring Ukraine to help him win an election, noting the GOP would freak out if Barack Obama did the same.

“If in fact the president of the United States pressured a leader of another country to investigate his political opponent, if in fact military aid was withheld, now we’ll have to decide where we go from there, but we have to gather all these facts and information,” Kasich told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan on At This Hour. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I am very, very, very concerned about what is happening here. If we don’t deal with this, we become like a banana republic. ”

“Where are the Republicans? Are they hiding? If I were you at CNN, I’d be in the hallway asking all of them what are you going to say?” he continued.

Bolduan noted Republicans have been invited on CNN to talk about it and many have declined.

“I guess the Republicans are dismissing it in the House but you got to think about this from a precedent standpoint. Let me ask this question, not ask you but ask our viewers,” Kasich said. “If Barack Obama had made calls like this, people would be going crazy. Now, if the Democrats had done things in the past that were wrong, OK fine, but that doesn’t have anything to do with this. This has to do with where we are today and things are slipping and sliding and I am worried about our country.”


Watch above, via CNN.

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