‘This is a joke’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo blasts lawmakers for backing down on gun safety


During Monday’s “New Day” opener on CNN, political commentator David Gregory called attempts by Congress to stop school shootings “a highway to nowhere.” CNN host Chris Cuomo went a bit further, saying the only way Republicans would do anything is out of “consequence,” not out of “conscience.”

“Everybody who follows this issue and understands politics knows we were going up here, David,” Cuomo began. “Politicians on this issue don’t do it out of conscience, they do it out of consequence.”

“‘Sometimes you have to fight the NRA,’ (Trump) said,” Cuomo quoted. “‘If that you are against you, they’re against you.’”

Gregory called it nothing but theater.

“All that matters is how much pressure will he put on Republican leaders in an election year to follow through on any of these matters, including federal money for gun training and schools for raising the age and so forth,” Gregory continued. “What kind of pressure is he going to put on Congress for any of that?”

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