AM Joy legal panel predicts Kushner is Mueller’s next target — and they have good reasons why


During an all-attorney panel on special counsel Robert Mueller’s juggernaut investigation into the Trump White House that has picked up steam with former aide Sam Nunbereg undergoing hours of questions before a grand jury, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked her experts who should be next in Mueller’s hot seat.

“Let’s talk about collusion,” Reid proposed. “It’s getting closer, the idea of collusion. Sam Nunberg who has known Donald Trump a long time, he was fired from the campaign, and now he’s talking all kinds of talk.”

“Who would be the next person you would indict in order to get to the truth” Reid asked.

“Kushner,” ex-Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman quickly responded.

Former Bronx prosecutor Seema Iyer interjected, ” Don Jr.”

“Jared Kushner, he’s got the keys to the castle,” MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler bluntly stated.







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