AM Joy panel mocks Trump’s inability to hire lawyers: Nobody wants to work with ‘Yosemite Sam and My Cousin Vinny’


“Would you represent Donald Trump?” he asked rhetorically. “The answer for most of us is no, and not because of potential criminal exposure. We lawyers actually like that kind of thing. It’s because he has horrendous judgment on his own and he doesn’t listen to lawyers. So, again, the go-to lawyers in D.C.? Frankly, these two lawyers are not on that list, so, I don’t know who he is going to represent him on these very serious charges.”

“Not for this kind of white collar crime,” Butler added. “They’re lawyers who had their day a while ago. They’re pundits — not that there’s anything wrong with being a lawyer pundit.”

“Between him hiring Yosemite Sam and My Cousin Vinny, it’s amazing that he’s going to get anyone to work for him,” Nance quipped.

“Who else are Donald Trump and his folks talking to? Because he’s running out of people to call in Washington, D.C,” Reid remarked.


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