Joy Reid jumps all over guest claiming Comey and McCabe firings don’t qualify as obstruction


Digging deep into the odious firing of McCabe by Attorney General Jeff Sessions just 26 hours before the veteran of  21 years law enforcement  would have become eligible for his pension, host Reid pressed attorney Seema Iyer and former prosecutor Nick Akerman for their takes on the dismissals.

“This feels like, from a lay perspective, the sort of textbook elements of obstruction — of attempting in every way to signal that the president would like the deputy attorney general to end the investigation himself,” Reid suggested.”When does it become obstruction?”


“The whole thing is a pattern of obstruction,” an animated Akerman exclaimed. “It goes to his intent to end this investigation and here we are, all talking seriously about this crazy [Dowd] e-mail and what’s going on when. In fact, we’re all being played by Donald Trump. He wants us to be talking about this. He doesn’t want us to be talking about Stormy Daniels now.”

“We’ll be doing that, too,” Reid laughed.

‘We’ve been played since he won the election,” Iyer conceded, before switching gears. “That’s separate. It’s not yet obstruction just because –


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