Judiciary Dems Mock Lewandowski as Coward For Not Following Trump’s Orders to Fire Sessions: ‘You Chickened Out!’


Corey Lewandowski’s House Judiciary Committee hearing was an explosive spectacle from the moment it began, and Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) kept the show going by using his time to ridicule the former Trump campaign manager.

Lewandowski argued that “the president never asked me to do anything illegal” as he fielded questions about his actions documented in Robert Mueller’s report. After Cohen scoffed at Lewandowski, calling him a “secretary” and an “enforcer” for President Donald Trump, he concluded that “either you were willing to break the law for politics and Mr. Trump, or you’re some kind of a Forrest Gump relating to corruption.”

Eventually, Cohen arrived at the heart of the Mueller report by noting that Trump asked Lewandowski to take a message to Jeff Sessions, ordering the former attorney general to limit the special counsel’s scope. This led to Cohen mocking Trump’s “loyal soldier” for not following through on the president’s request. He went on to ask if Lewandowski bailed on the task because he was afraid of going to prison.

“Donald Trump talked to you outside normal channels so there would be no record of anything he asked you to do to obstruct justice. Nothing to do with that at all. The president knew what he was doing was wrong. Mr. Sessions knew what he was doing was wrong. Mr. McGahn knew it was wrong. You seem to be the only person who didn’t think it was wrong. But Mr. Trump was wrong. Because at the last minute, you got cold feet. You chickened out. The president’s trust was misplaceded. You decided not to do what you told the president you were going to do, and you handed it off to somebody else.”

Cohen wasn’t the only one who mocked Lewandowski’s hesitation in following Trump’s orders. Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) pressed Lewandowski with similar questions before he saying “you chickened out.”



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