Julián Castro Takes a Jab at Trump: He’s Probably ‘Played More Golf Than the Last Three Presidents Combined’


Donald Trump’s attacks on the late Sen. John McCain and said he wastes time playing golf during a interview with MSNBC.

“It’s just another distraction and this president is a walking billboard of weakness and insecurity, and this is just another distraction,” Castro said. “You know, when I travel around the country these days, what I hear from folks when I visit places like Iowa,

I hear from farmers how worried they are because of his erratic trade war with China. I hear from business owners in states like mine, Texas, about all the insecurity that he’s created.”

The former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  said Trump has gotten bogged down in Twitter fights as well.

“And every single minute that he spends insulting somebody on Twitter or getting tied in knots over petty back and forths or playing golf — because this president has played more golf probably than the last three presidents combined —

is a minute that he is not dedicating to making sure that folks can have good job opportunities in this country, that children can get a good education, that folks will have good health care, that people can afford the rent,” he added.


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