Just blatant disrespect’: CNN panel flays Trump for boasting about ‘BSing’ Canada’s Trudeau TOM


Wednesday night the Washington Postreported that Trump told donors that he made up information about a trade deficit he believes the United States has with Canada during a meeting with Trudeau — and that the president treated it like a joke.

“Look we know that the president flagrantly abuses the truth, when I say we, I mean everyone but the Trump base, abuses the truth when it suits him,” host Cuomo began. “It’s part of his persuasiveness and maybe his own sense of self-delusion, about what is true and what isn’t. But what does it mean for Justin Trudeau to hear this isn’t what the president was talking about when they are still at the table about NAFTA?”


“Look, presidential words matter, but they do not matter to President Trump and, what’s more, he brags about lying,” he continued.

“I see it differently,” host Camerota interjected. “I see it as the best window yet we have had into his style and belief that he doesn’t care about the details or the facts. They don’t matter. He runs with a hunch … he has a feeling about this. ‘I feel you’re screwing me over, so I don’t need to know the facts, I feel that way.’ So he runs with it.”


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