Just winging it’: Morning Joe says Trump team’s sloppy defense in Stormy Daniels case could end his presidency


The “Morning Joe” host marveled at the admission made on live TV this week by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s own lawyer about the non-disclosure agreement reached with adult film star Stormy Daniels,

which could invalidate the pact and also serve as evidence of an illegal campaign contribution.“Everybody’s just winging it, everybody is just winging it,” Scarborough said. “

They’re just going out talking, calling each other thugs, winging it inside the administration, outside the administration.

That was the lawyer representing Michael Cohen in the Stormy Daniels claiming the president had no idea about the non-disclosure agreement.”

“What’s going to happen from this point on, the denial of (Trump’s) knowledge is going to get Michael Cohen into what is already serious trouble with the New York Bar,” Turley said. “But they now have to deal with the fact that a lawyer gave $130,000 to a porn star without ever getting the money back. The Justice Department has already said that can be a criminal matter. If Bob Mueller pulls the president in, as he can, to question him about it, you now have an existential threat to the administration.”


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