Kamala Harris Assures People She Will Prosecute Trump If She Becomes President


“Obviously, it’s going to be a long campaign, and, and all of us will, you know, have opportunities to speak and the voters will learn more and obviously the voters will ultimately make the decision,” Harris told host Jimmy Kimmel.

“I have the background of having been a leader. And I think the voters are going to decide who will be the next commander in chief and president of the United States based on experience, of leading.”

Harris said she has leadership experience at different of levels of government and her experience of being a prosecutor will come in handy for dealing with Trump.

“I think people are going to want and look to who has a demonstrated ability to be a fighter and to be a fighter for the people. I’ve done that work,”

she said. “I took on the five big banks of the United States when we were fighting for the homeowners of California and by extension the nation around the foreclosure crisis and when they were basically stealing from homeowners around these predatory mortgage practices.”

“I also believe that what voters are going to want, they are going to want that there is someone who has the proven ability to prosecute the case against this administration. And this president,” Harris said to a roaring applause, then giving support for Robert Mueller to finish his investigation.


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