Kavanaugh Book Co-Author Admits She Wrote Bad Tweet That NY Times Had to Delete


The co-authors of a new book about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaughappeared on The View to explain the controversies surrounding the New York Times Review essay based on their book, and a controversial tweet sent by the New York Times Opinion account.

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, authors of The Education of Brett Kavanaugh, have been on a comprehensive media tour in promotion of their book, which includes new bombshell allegations that have been the focus of much of cable news coverage since the weekend.

The New York Times Reviewessay originally included a key detail about a previously unknown, alleged sexual assault victim of Kavanaugh’s — that the woman tells friends she does not remember the incident — but that it was subsequently removed by the Times during the final editing process.

The New York Times social team was caught up in the firestorm of controversy when they deleted a promotional tweet that question details of the allegations revealed in the book, which the eventually deleted and apologized for.

As it turns out, author Robin Pogrebin revealed that she wrote the bad tweet, and the reaction was the opposite which was intended.

Pogberin explained that “It was a misworded tweet, but what happens at the Times is the reporters are asked to draft Tweets and we’re also asked to draft headlines. They don’t always get used, sent out, they often don’t.”

She then owned up to authoring the tweet saying, “I drafted this with this in mind to have actually the opposite effect, which is to anticipate those who would say, ‘A guy pulling down his pants at a party when they’re drunk is on the spectrum of sexual misconduct. It’s not sexual assault. It’s not rape. What’s the big deal?’”

Later she explained the empathy driving the deleted tweet saying “Having that happen and to have people laugh at her and target her was actually hugely meaningful and made an impact on her life for the rest of her life. So for those who minimize it and dismiss it, I was trying to help them understand that. It had the opposite effect and seemed to undermine her.”



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